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Ethical AI Governance SaaS

We have designed an insight engine with a unique methodology for screening, assessing, mitigating, auditing and reporting exposure to ethical risk in AI solutions.

The end-to-end cloud solution empowers global data-driven organizations to govern and deploy responsible, transparent, and explainable AI aligned with upcoming EU regulation AI Act.

Going beyond “symptoms” to root causes of AI ethical pitfalls, we help organization create a frictionless highway in your organization to implement AI and achieve faster market acceptance.

The platform is a manifestation of the unique ADL AI 5-step methodology. Our multidisciplinary research on governing AI ethical risks started in 2016.

Through workflow and orchestration, the platform connects people, data and processes. Closing the loop between visibility, recommendation and action.

We are an independent validator for Ground Truth of Ethical AI with data supporting auditing, reporting and governance.

We are the World's First Comprehensive AI Governance Platform

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Founder and CEO
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Founder and CEO
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Founder and CEO
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Founder and CEO
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