The Responsible and Ethical AI Platform

ADL AI’s Ethical AI Governance platform helps you comply with global regulations, mitigate risks, and avoid penalties when developing and using AI for your business.

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EU AI Act: The need for Ethical and Responsible AI

Global Ethical and Responsible AI: Embracing Opportunities As technology advances, legislation must catch up, and organizations cannot rely solely on compliance and regulation to make ethical choices. A solid AI framework is essential, reflecting your values and desired impact on people and society. Embracing these opportunities is crucial. Integrating Ethical AI across all aspects of your organization and breaking down silos is a significant stride in global AI regulation. This is precisely what ADL AI offers, ensuring compliance with worldwide regulations. It’s not just about following well-known acts like the EU AI Act; we go beyond mere adherence.

Our platform provides comprehensive support in navigating the complex landscape of ethical and responsible AI. We help you detect and mitigate risks, transforming them into business opportunities that align with your values—both now and in the future.

Let’s stay ahead and embrace what’s next in AI today!

What is the EU AI Act?

Our Ethical AI Governance Platform

The platform is a manifestation of the state-of-the-art ADL AI 5-step methodology. Our multidisciplinary research on governing AI ethical risks started in 2016. Almost 200 AI use cases has been screened for ethical risk exposure by using our methodology.

Through workflow and orchestration, the platform connects people, data and processes. Closing the loop between visibility, recommendation and action.

We are an independent validator for Ground Truth of Ethical AI with data supporting auditing, reporting and governance.

Key benefits

Empower your AI and Compliance teams with complete control

Our end-to-end platform can be integrated with your AI development and compliance environment to ensure the real value of AI: Efficiently and quickly adopt responsible AI solutions and gain control of ethical AI risks, all while upholding regulatory compliance in line with your ethical principles. Full control – from regulation to innovation.

Cross-organizational alignment

Goodbye silos. Cross-organizational orchestration for ethical AI means activating several functions in your organization to ensure that your AI solutions are in line with regulation and organizational values across the board.

Speed and efficiency

Execute at the speed you need. Our platform can be used regardless of AI maturity or phase in the AI lifecycle, and across industries. Develop, implement and audit AI that is not just legally compliant but also in line with your organizational values and readiness.

Market acceptance and stakeholder trust

Your one-stop-shop for all things Ethical AI. Screening, assessing, mitigating, auditing and reporting of your ethical AI performance – on one coherent platform – creates a frictionless highway to avoid costly risks, strengthen your competitive edge, get faster market acceptance through innovation humans can trust.

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